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You matter. Our lawyers are tenacious and determined, and will pursue your interests with dedication throughout the course of your matter.

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Meredith Lawyers is a national law firm with offices in Perth and Sydney. We have appeared in the Family Court on behalf of our clients in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Parramatta and Dandenong.

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You can rely on the experience of our team for effective representation in litigation.

  • Thank you. Again very much appreciate your services in the matter couldn't have gotten it done so smoothly without you. Couldn't be happier with the outcome! Thank you for your help at minimal fee 🙏  <<Scarborough>>

  • Thank you for your amazing professional handling of this matter. I will be sure to give your details to anyone needing your assistance. <<Hillarys>>


  • I highly recommend Meredith Lawyers for all your legal needs as he provides a very professional & approachable legal service in an efficient & effective manner which gets results. They also took the stress out of the legal process for me which is why I'm a very satisfied client & would highly recommend Meredith Lawyers to anyone looking to receive the best personalised legal service.  <<Perth>>

  • Thank you for being there when we needed you.  <<Lileyfield>>

  • Meredith Lawyers was exemplary in her dealings with me from the very first telephone consultation. They outlined the legal parameters within which I found myself in and then gave me options in a clear and concise manner. They also provided compassionate support for the upsetting time I was having with the matter. It is the blend of these two attributes with which I would recommend Meredith Lawyers to anyone and everyone (and indeed I have already!)  <<Bunbury>>

  • Than you for the heartfelt message – yes, it has been brutal for me and mostly my daughter. I have nothing but utmost admiration for you for taking on my matter at such short notice and delivering an outstanding result. I fed off your determination and tenacity and I believe is for that reason we achieved what we achieved yesterday. Thanks for your advice.  <<PADBURY>>

  • Thank you so much you went over and above with your professionalism and understanding. Very much appreciated. <<Dianella>>

  • Just, Thank you. <<Munster>>

  • They were able to answer all my questions. Nothing was too much trouble. For my case they handled it very professionally and i couldn't fault them. <<Alkimos>>

  • My exeperience with Meredith Lawyers was a positive one. Not only did I have a great experience with My Lawyer, I also had positive dealings with all the team. The firms understanding in my financial capabilities is greatly appreciated, and I understand I am very lucky with how my account was handled. <<Cooranbong>>

  • Professional but not to formal or intimedating <<Willetton>>

  • Great team – made a very 'boring' task very enjoyable 🙂 Thankyou! 

  • Awww, Thankyou so very much for all your hard efforts and working on my case for me, I know it’s been such a really stressful process but it’s finally over. You have made this horrible roller coaster ride a much more smoother process by having your support and professional guidance along the way.

  • Thank you very much you made the experience so much easier and stress free. <<Regional Western Australia>>

  •  excellence – at no time did I feel stressed, pressured or that things were out of my control. They went along with my pace allowing me time when needed and followed my lead. This was very important to me with all of my external factors during this time that were out of my control and I just felt at ease and supported through the process  <<Tapping>>


Our young family artist

One of my two year old daughter’s favorite pastimes during her visits to my office is using my highlighters to draw colorful images on copier paper. I am not sure if she has much talent, but as a father, I think they are wonderful.M/p>

Whilst developing her artistic skills she noticed me shredding some documents and became fascinated with the process, so much so that she presented me with her latest master piece to put into the shredder. I tried to explain that this was not a good idea and that it would be gone if we carried out her request, but she insisted. So, I carefully placed the master piece into the shredder and we both watched as it was slowly devoured by the mechanism.

The shear thrill on my daughters face was a picture in itself. However, once the show was over, she wanted her picture back. As I explained to her that the picture was gone and she could not get it back I witnessed her face slowly change from excitement, into expectation and then to total disaster. Even though I had forewarned her that the exercise could not be reversed, she still thought that everything would be OK and that it could all be put right.

My heart broke as she sobbed in my arms for a good 10 minutes. Thankfully, at the age of 2, a good hug can fix a multitude of problems. But as we grow up, a hug, a block of chocolate or even a nice cup of tea really won’t fix the issues we can find ourselves facing.

Before you throw yourself into the “legal shredder” carefully consider whether you need someone to look over your shoulder to discuss the risks of those choices. In making a quick decision because you "needed to do something", your actions in haste could affect you or your loved ones.

For peace of mind seek advice from a professional, with help regarding your initial reaction, signing a form or making a plea and even fighting a criminal charge.

Meredith Saayman Lawyers offers a reduced rate initial consult, ensuring you are prepared without being out of pocket. If you or someone you know is facing a challenging family or criminal law matter, we are only a phone call away and sometimes that might be all you need.

Be safe and save the heartbreak that could follow a wrong decision.

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