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seek legal advice as soon as possible, whether you or the other parent are the one contemplating relocation. It is even more important if you have Court Orders already in place as you could find yourself in breach of the orders.

Are you or your former partner considering relocating with your children?

If you are considering relocating with your children, you may need to get permission from the other parent or a Court order to do so. If you already have parenting orders from the Family Court, then relocating gets more complex.


things at seperation

What is going to happen to my stuff now I’m separating?

If you have recently separated from your spouse or defacto partner then you may be wondering how to go about dividing up your property.



So, you’ve come to an agreement with your former partner – now what?

In the context of a separation, a lot of couples are able to agree about care arrangements for their children and splitting their finances. But after agreement is reached, how do you turn it into something more official?


Drink Driving charge

Lost your driver's licence?

If your driver’s licence has been disqualified by a Court you may be eligible to apply for an Extraordinary Driver’s Licence.  You cannot apply if you are still subject to an immediate disqualification from the Police, if you are suspended because of demerit points or if you are fines suspended. 


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  • 30 more years of deaths in custody
    30 years ago to the day, a royal commission into Indigenous deaths in custody handed its findings down. Since then, at least 450 more First Nations people have died while on the inside, and with at least five of those deaths recorded just last month, it's clear many of the problems of three decades ago […]
  • From Cartier watches to bullying claims
    It started with a public row about Cartier watches. Late last year, the former CEO of Australia Post Christine Holgate stood aside after her decision to give four Cartier watches as gifts to senior executives was loudly criticised by dozens of politicians from the prime minister Scott Morrison down. Now, Ms Holgate is hitting back, […]
  • What drives male sexual aggression
    There's a loud question echoing in Australians' minds, as the country has its belated #MeToo moment. The big question is 'why?'. What drives that behaviour? Today on The Signal, we speak to a criminologist who's followed the breadcrumbs back, in an attempt to find out: what fuels male sexual aggression? And can the answer, no […]
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